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♦ 1º Milan ♦ designer ♦ 2º innovation manager ♦ award winner ♦ 3º design thinker ♦ ideas coach ♦ creative problem solver ♦ listener ♦ 4º trend observer ♦ experience architect ♦ shoshin ♦ 5º storyteller ♦ investigator ♦ integrative thinker ♦ 6º lecturer ♦ context explorer ♦ meaning maker ♦ 7º contact

♦ 1º Milan

I’m a Milan citizen born in Germany. Milan is the capital of design and the MADE IN ITALY branding. It is a creative hub and hotbed for fashion, architecture, interior-, graphic-, and food design, ideal for an interdisciplinary worker like myself. Here I can listen, collect, connect and act as innovation manager, design thinker, storyteller, lecturer and trend observer.

♦ 2º innovation manager

Innovation management is the effort of continuously integrating an organization's capabilities with what technology makes possible, how the market develops and what customers need and want – all this applied to all creative and development processes of a company, at all levels.

I use a set of methodologies (i.e. collaborative idea management, design thinking, creative techniques and knowledge management) in order to create a corporate culture of innovation that is able to overcome organizational obstacles. My goal is to provide suitable strategies for your organization's future offerings, taking into account the potential of your company and the needs of your customers.

♦ 3º design thinker

I pursue a holistic and human-centred approach to developing feasible and innovative solutions to problems for products, environments and services, guided by the wish to enhance the quality of life and create value.

Design thinking is a process in which I translate brand visions and unmet customer needs into tangible, desirable and repeatable realities. This process takes place in collaboration with customers, colleagues or interdisciplinary groups.

♦ 4º trend observer

Trend observation means continuously hunting for, collecting and scanning signals. The research area encompasses everything that affects society, from cultural, social, technological and scientific through to political and economic aspects.

I sift, group and analyse these signals in order to spot trends and patterns within the data. These patterns are analysed to identify key trends pertinent to my clients, ordered by short-, medium- and long-term relevance.

♦ 5º storyteller

Stories are part of civilisation. They communicate cultural values and ideas, evoke emotions, create context and provoke action. In a holistic design approach, design, branding and sales are linked by storytelling. By virtue of its pivotal position, storytelling is able to create a deep emotional bond of trust and experience between customer, brand and product/service.

Using mixed media, I generate individual stories that are tailored to the different phases of the customer journey, that stimulate participation by the customers and that facilitate viral spread.

♦ 6º lecturer

I’m teaching in Milan at the Istituto Europeo di Design. My subjects are “Teoria della percezione e psicologia della forma” and “Design language”, which I teach to product and interior design classes.

Teaching to me means a mixture of providing expertise and the attempt to infect students with my passion and curiosity for all aspects of design. In my interdisciplinary subjects, I encourage students to uphold a holistic view of design problems that makes them ideally suited to perform their role as catalysts at the interface between the clients and the needs of their customers.

♦ 7º contact

Gabriel Weirich
Via Giulio Tarra 1
I - 20159 Milan

Tel: +39.02.87065321
Skype: gabwei3

USt.Id: IT07545881000


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